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"For the first time ever, AN incredible true story that reveALs THE passion of real streetdance"

"It's real and it needs to be seen."


" Intense, complete and moving documentary. I would definitely recommend it.”

Olivia, Danceworks staffer and hip hop dancer


We recently showed Streetdance Family to a select group from the film and dance worlds, here's what they said:

"The dancing was amazing, the kids' enthusiasm was captivating, and the personal stories really turned the film into something special."

Szolte Szabo - Danceworks

"We all loved the film, it is wonderful, and Entity are truly stars."

Hilary Dunn - Radio 4

"I think it's got a place in a long tradition of sports/family films. I was thinking of 'Hoop Dreams' on the train back that night."

Mark Henshall

"The film was great! If you love dance, you’ll love this…"


"Incredibly moving...more than just dance...a real eye opener."

The British Blacklist

I loved the film - their energy and drive is amazing - you can see it all over their faces.  A great snapshot into life in dance - it really is a passion."

Camilla palmer - Young Performer

"An Inspiring tale of passion and determination - 4 stars."

The Upcoming